Coffee Break - Ethical Data Storytelling
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This “Coffee Break” will be a high-level introduction, in which Kaitlin Canalichio will introduce central concepts in ethical (and unethical) data storytelling, such as:

  • How stories may be told in a deceiving way, by giving limited context or lying by omission;
  • How algorithms trained on data collected from human interactions (for instance, crime sentencing and policing) may internalize – and thereby perpetuate – social and demographic biases

Meanwhile, Maylene Ferrin will discuss an emerging frontier in data visualization: namely, plotting data with 3D graphics in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This new frontier poses unique challenges in terms of ethical data storytelling, as she will discuss in the following questions:

  • INTENTIONALITY - Does the 3D AR/VR component meaningfully contribute to the data story?
  • LEGIBILITY - Should the data narrative provide instructions or a tutorial explaining how to read a 3D AR/VR visualization?