Website Toolkit: From Audit to Redesign
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Your website is the face of your organization, but like any familiar face, over time, you stop seeing it the way others see it. Through this course, you will take a fresh look at your site to understand whether your audience and your staff members are getting what they need from it. Can supporters and constituents find the information they need there? Can staff members easily update and keep up with the content? Do you need a whole new website or to improve a few key areas?

Over five sessions, we will walk through website basics to develop a more useful and engaging website, how to lead a redesign project, best practices for accessibility, mobile optimization, content management systems, technical details, and online branding.

Session 1: Starting the Audit Process
Session 2: Fleshing Out an Accessible and Usable Website
Session 3: Defining Your Design and Content Strategy
Session 4: Let’s Get Technical
Session 5: Defining Your Priorities and Moving Forward

This is a pre-recorded live webinar series that took place from March 31 - April 28, 2022. All materials referenced in the recordings can be accessed here.

Throughout the course, you will:

  • Audit your site against a core set of questions.
  • Define goals for how your website will serve your audience.
  • Learn best practices for designing an accessible, usable, and polished website.
  • Think through your content strategy and approach to your site’s design.
  • Dig into website analytics and how you can use metrics to optimize the user experience for your site visitors.
  • Review the technical side of developing and managing your website.
  • Synthesize your research, ideas, and strategies into a vision that you can share across your organization.
  • Using worksheets, create an action plan and prioritize the steps you will need to take.

Laura Quinn