Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit
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Learn the fundamentals of using social media for your nonprofit in this engaging webinar training series.

Don't just be on social media. Be successful on social media. Join us for The Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit and, over six sessions, learn how to get real value from your efforts.

We’ll explore using social media for branding, deep engagement, and fundraising. We’ll also outline how you can integrate and manage social media within a campaign, and discuss how to measure your social media impact.

Sound policies will also be important to your social media strategy—we'll show you how to clearly articulate what content is acceptable and how you should communicate with constituents through social media platforms.

Session 1: Branding Through Social Media
Session 2: Getting Beyond the Like - Using Social Media to Cultivate Deeper Commitment
Session 3: Integrating Social Media Channels (and Other Communications)
Session 4: Getting Started with Social Media Fundraising
Session 5: Measuring Your Social Media Efforts & Creating a Social Media Policy
Session 6: Paid Social Media & Advertising

This is a pre-recorded live webinar series that took place from July 8 – August 12, 2021 . All materials referenced in the recordings can be accessed here.

Learning Objectives:
  • Create and reinforce your organization's brand using social media.
  • Learn about strategies for engaging supporters and motivating them to act.
  • Learn how social media tools can work together to create an integrated campaign that promotes brands and causes through multiple channels.
  • Begin the process of creating a social media policy for your organization.
  • Learn how to use social media for fundraising.
  • Discover tools to measure social media efforts, and learn to make this task effective and manageable.
  • Design a social media strategy.

Kimberly Sanberg
Consultant, Cairn Strategies