Selecting a Donor Management System
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For most nonprofits, their donor management system is the glue that holds their organization together. Having one means being able to track donors, learn about how they interact with your organization, and take steps to strengthen those relationships.

Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to find the right system. (And no, spreadsheets are not a donor management system!) Whether you’re actively shopping for a new donor management system or considering whether it’s time to change, this course can help you learn about your options and narrow your list to a handful of systems that offer the features and functionality you need within a budget you can afford. This course offers demonstrations of twelve different donor management systems. By registering, you are automatically signed up for these demonstrations.

Session 1: Thinking through Your Needs
Session 2: Best Practices for Implementing and Using Your Database
Demos: Bloomerang, Salesforce, Charity Engine, Neon One, Little Green Light, Keela, Kindful, Donor Perfect, Eleo, CiviCRM, EveryAction, Blackbaud

This is a pre-recorded live webinar series that took place from October 8 to October 29, 2020. All materials referenced in the recordings can be accessed here.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn what to consider when evaluating donor management systems.
  • Think through your organization's needs and the data you want to track.
  • Take a closer look at highly-rated systems that will be included in our updated A Consumers Guide to Low-Cost Donor Management Systems.
  • Ask your questions about the specific systems you’re interested in.
  • Avoid the usual sales pitches and sales tactics.
  • Review how to evaluate a system so that all of your questions get answered.
  • Learn the steps of a successful implementation process.

Eric Leland
Founder and Director of FivePaths