Roll It Out Right: A Nonprofit Action Plan to Set Up Your New Software for Success
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It doesn’t matter how much time, effort, and expense you put into selecting the right software for your organization—if you don’t plan all the steps necessary to ensure a successful implementation, you’re wasting your precious resources.

Implementation involves a number of elements, including getting buy-in from the people who will be using the system and those who lead the organization, making plans to migrate data and integrate the new software with your other systems, and training staff on procedures and best practices for using the new software.

We designed this course to help you with each step. We’ll show you how to make sure you’re including all the right people throughout the process. We’ll help you determine whether you need outside help—and how to work effectively with consultants or vendors. And we’ll identify common mistakes and show you how to avoid them.

Session 1: Planning Your Implementation Project
Session 2: Keeping the Project on Track
Session 3: Fostering User Adoption

This is a pre-recorded live webinar series that took place from August 22 - September 5, 2019. All materials referenced in the recordings can be accessed here.

Learning Objectives:
  • What a typical implementation project looks like.
  • Who is involved.
  • How to adjust for common scenarios.
  • How to keep the project on time and scope, including best practices for project management and avoiding common bottlenecks.
  • How to work with vendors and consultants.
  • What common mistakes to expect, and how to avoid them.
  • Best practices for change management and user adoption.

Eric Leland
Founder and Director of FivePaths