Microsoft 365 Administrators Security Toolkit: Configuring Security Features
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This course is designed to help Microsoft 365 administrators and will help your organization move toward more sophisticated security, authentication, and control of your organization’s data.

Topics covered include:

  • Tips for turning on multi-factor authentication, Intune, and Microsoft Information Protection
  • Ways to tidy up your licenses and accounts
  • Special considerations for health service providers and organizations serving vulnerable populations

Upon completing this course, you will be able to make a plan for configuring security features in Microsoft 365. You will be aware of some common mistakes to avoid, and you will be equipped to seek expert help when appropriate. 

This is an intermediate-level course for Microsoft 365 administrators at nonprofit organizations. If you haven't take our course Microsoft 365 Administrator's Security Toolkit: The Fundamentals, that's a great place to start. Before starting this course, you should have a working knowledge of Microsoft 365 security tools and you'll need to have the permissions and access to the administrative control panel, setting up users, managing licensing, and managing email accounts. You'll also need the appropriate knowledge and authority to weigh the tradeoffs between security and convenience or productivity.

This course consists of 6 videos, a downloadable resource, external links, and a pre and post-assessment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be familiar with the basic setup steps for Multi-Factor Authentication, Intune, and Microsoft Information Protection. 
  • Be aware of common implementation mistakes to avoid. 
  • Be able to identify and disable unused accounts and licenses. 
  • Increase your confidence in knowing when to involve a security or compliance expert. 


Francis Johnson
Tech Impact - Managing Director of Technology Services
Linda Widdop
Tech Impact - Director of Client Solutions and Education
Chris Baranec
Security Engineer, Tech Impact