Introduction to Microsoft Teams
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Do you need to streamline your organization's communication and collaboration? This introduction to Microsoft Teams will teach you what you need to know as an O365 administrator to set up Teams and your organization successfully.

Still not convinced? Tech Impact's Alyssa Ford explains "Why Microsoft Teams?" in this video.

This course is designed for all types of organizations looking to streamline their communication and collaboration using Microsoft Teams. While Microsoft Teams is available to anyone, it is recommended for organizations who are leveraging other components of the Microsoft 365 platform such as Exchange, SharePoint, and/or One Drive.

The lessons will provide an overview of the application, the integration with other Microsoft 365 applications, the required admin settings to prevent sprawl and confusion around where documents are stored, and some Microsoft resources available to you and your staff to help during this implementation. Throughout this course, you will learn everything you need to know to roll out a pilot group in Microsoft Teams and identify what it takes to roll out Teams more broadly across the organization.

This course is designed for Office365 administrators. Prerequisites include knowing how to access the admin console, set up users, and manage licensing.

This course contains six videos, downloadable resources, and external links and should take you about an hour to complete.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the most popular use cases of Microsoft Teams 
  • Determine the admin settings to configure based on your organization's needs 
  • Have access to helpful Microsoft resources 
  • Get started with the implementation 
  • Identify if more assistance is needed to roll out Teams broadly across the organization

Claire Billington
Technology and Training Consultant, Tech Impact