Deep Dive on Data Collection
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We are told over and over about the importance of using data to make informed decisions, but it isn’t often talked about how to actively go about collecting different data points. 

In this deep dive,  you will learn different tactics and best practices beyond the data you are passively collecting from your website or social media, to actively finding and collecting data. You will learn more about who you are serving and understand if those you serve are satisfied with services or what impact services have for them. Results from your findings can also be used to report to your funders or other stakeholders.  

In this course you will learn about:  

Learning Objectives:

  • Surveys: How to design surveys with different formats and their purposes, what options are available for low-cost survey tools, tactics to increase survey response, and important statistical concepts  
  • Interviews and Focus groups 
  • Privacy and Ethics: Privacy: commit to principles like getting permission and allowing individuals to control their own data along with basic guidelines to determine whether/how to share data, and some IT practices and tools like information protection, security awareness programs, and encryption that should be in place if they are collecting sensitive data