Establishing Tech Policies for Your Nonprofit
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Much has changed in the last several years, as the way we work and the way we think about our work shifted in light of a global pandemic that revealed deep inequities in our systems. As you consider creating or updating your tech and data policies to reflect this new reality, it’s important to consider not only the risks and what must be protected – but also your values and the culture you want to create within your organization.

This course will help you untangle some of the toughest policies out there to enforce: acceptable use for technology and data, remote working policies, data protection and security, bring your own device, and social media and digital messaging.

After taking this course, you’ll feel more confident in developing and enforcing the policies and procedures that work for your organization AND for the people that make your organization work.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of having technology and data policies in place
  • Know the risks related to cybersecurity breaches improper sharing of information, remote workers, and managing multiple internet-connected devices and software
  • Be familiar with basic practices for writing and implementing technology policies: what they should cover, what they should include, and how to share them
  • Be ready to update or create policies related to technology and data