Strategic Planning for IT Staffing Registration Closed

15 Nov 2023
Wednesday, November 15, 2023
1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

Every day, you rely upon technology and data to help support delivering on your organization’s mission. It’s critical to have the right people to keep your organization and the work you do secure and running. When you have someone on your team who understands your technology, they can help your team get the most out of it and suggest the best improvements and additions. 

This session will discuss the kinds of expertise on technology this role would need, such as security, networks, and data. We will then cover tasks you would need to assign, such as PC troubleshooting, maintaining your wifi, or creating reports which span more than one database. Finally, we’ll bring it together by exploring ways to think about the decisions on how to meet these needs with current staff, new hires, or resources beyond your organization.  

About our presenter
Peter Schiano
Peter Schiano
Senior Consultant, Tech Impact​

Peter helps nonprofits with technology strategy, project management and data systemsBefore joining Tech Impact in 2017 he held leadership roles in commercial technology companies developing hardware and software and running large client implementations.


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